GDPR Challenge Our serious game on data protection

Train your employees in personal data protection with this simulation that covers the most frequent situations.

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“Learn to assess and apply GDPR best practices”

“The manager of a fictional company is extremely worried: they have had several data leaks and are likely to receive a regulatory visit soon. But are the employees prepared? Do they really know all the procedures? That’s where you come in!

Your mission: assessing your colleagues’ degree of compliance regarding the different procedures and reporting your findings to Alex, the DPO, who will accompany you throughout this adventure.”

GDPR Challenge - data leak mission - Gamabu serious game Personal data processing - GDPR Challenge serious game - Gamabu

An effective introduction to data protection

GDPR Challenge relies on game mechanics, which promote information retention for fast and effortless learning

GDPR Challenge serious game - simulation of situations - Gamabu


The employee is immersed in the simulation and plays a key role in their own learning. The issues and concepts to be acquired are seamlessly integrated into the game’s scenario.

Gamification and progress tracking - GDPR Challenge serious game - Gamabu


The gamified approach, based on short-term interactive missions, allows employees to track their progress and compare themselves to their peers.

GDPR Challenge - best practices - Gamabu


For every situation, the associated rules and best practices are compiled in a knowledge base that can be accessed at any time.

Topics covered

As they progress in the serious game, employees tackle essential data protection issues.

An off-the-shelf serious game

GDPR Challenge has been designed to raise awareness of data protection issues among your employees.

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Try the first mission of our serious game on data protection for free and lead the investigation.

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